Saturday, June 25, 2011

physiological training and experiment set up

Friday, June 24th we went through physiological training and safety for our Zero-G flight..........worst case senerio's were kinda scary but Team Miami Mission Control can handle everything!  We also went through public relations sessions, met with our NASA mentor, and began setting up our experiment.   That is all day One! On Tuesday, June 28th, Thomas Gantt and Erin Abramoff will fly, float, and freefall!  Todd Doucimo and Cynthia Viega will be experiencing zero-G June 29th weather and mechanics permitting. 

Manny making his first NASA statement

The whole team waiting for physiological and safety training......We were the first group there!

Manny badged up and ready to go!

Oh yeah, we ROCK!

How the worms will be secured in ZERO-G!

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