Monday, June 27, 2011

Free Days

After our first day at NASA, we were given Saturday and Sunday to collect any necessary materials for our experiment.  But mainly we got to go out and check out Houston and all that it has to offer.  We first hit the Zoo which had everything from zebras, chimps, lions and bears!  Ms. Veiga and Mrs. Abramoff got to feed the giraffes too!  LONG TONGUES....... :P
After the zoo the whole team went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science where we looked at fine jewelry, mollusks, dioramas (very similar looking to the animals we saw at the zoo only an hour before) and some BIG dinosaurs! 
We then went off to the MFHA: Museum of Fine Arts in Houston which included collections from, but not limited to, Carlos Cruz: A color in space and time, European Art, and  Charles Ledray: workworkworkworkwork.  Take a look at some of their collections at  And of course, Manny the Zero-G manatee was there!

Manny getting some information on Pollenators

Ms. Veiga learning about the Monarch Butterfly

Ms. Veiga meeting a new friend


Don't eat Manny!

Manny is on top of the WORLD

Mr. Gantt and Ms. Abramoff's entree at Hugos.........look closely and you will see the thorax's of GRASSHOPPERS!

DOWN THEY GO!  (don't worry, we won't be eatting these before we fly)
On Sunday we met up with Dr. Craig Wilson Director of the Future Scientists-student outreach initiative (USDA/ARS/SPA) of Texas A&M.  Not only did he drive 2 HOURS out of his way to bring our worms, but sat at breakfast with us regailing us of his adventures, stories and inspriations as an educator.  I know that every single one of the Miami Mission Control teachers appreciates his time, effort and inspiring words.  THANK YOU DR. WILSON!  Please take some time to check out his website about the corn ear worms at  Dr. Wilson emailed us later that day to inform us he will be wearing our Miami Mission Control shirt the 2 days we fly proudly! 

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